Freeholder Director Dave Sparks Proclaims
Weights & Measures Week March 1 to 7

The Salem County Weights and Measures Department is responsible for responding to consumer complaints, regularly auditing weights & prices of retail package goods and checking weighing & measuring devices that the public comes in contact daily.

bestwick5a.jpg (6822 bytes)
Freeholder Liaison Sue Bestwick delivering the Freeholder Proclamation to Mark Robbins, Superintendent of Salem County Weights & Measures Department.
truck14.jpg (12308 bytes)
Sue Bestwick and Mark Robbins in front of one of the many fuel oil trucks regulated by the department.
bestwick8.jpg (13288 bytes)
Robbins and Bestwick in front of the department's fluid "prover."
meter12.jpg (34436 bytes)
Robbins explaining testing accuracy of the fuel oil truck meter (above) against the known accuracy of the "prover" tank (left photo).
seal15.jpg (10826 bytes)
Robbins holding a lead seal which prevents tampering with fuel meters.