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Family Disaster Planning
(courtesy National Weather Service)
Part of your family disaster plan should be preparing in case a hurricane threatens your area. Some activities which you still have time to complete include knowing the hurricane risks in your areas such as whether you live in a potential flood zone, learning safe routes inland from coastal areas; finding out where official shelters are located; trimming trees and shrubbery; clearing loose and clogged drain spouts and gutters and determining where to move your boat in an emergency. Also secure or tie down any items that could be blown about during high winds.

One of the most important parts of your family disaster plan is the preparation of a disaster supply kit. This kit should include the following materials:

three day supply of water; one gallon per person per day

food that will not spoil

one change of clothing and shoes per person

first aid kit

battery powered radio


extra fresh batteries

emergency tools

prescription medications

extra set of car keys

freshly charged cell phone

pre-paid calling cards

special items for the infants, elderly or disabled members of the family

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Updated 10/6/2004