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August 28, 2002


SALEM -- County senior citizens will have uninterrupted health services available under a grant funding extension, according to Health and Social Services Freeholder Chair Sue Bestwick.

"Services will continue for Certified Home Health Aides, Telephone Reassurance, Physical Health Screening and Dental Health Program. Procedures assure that those most in need are targeted and considered for services," said Bestwick.

"Each older person selected to receive services will be given the opportunity to make a contribution toward the cost of the services, but no one will be denied services on their ability to pay," said Health and Social Services Freeholder Member Mike Facemyer.

Funds are available to continue these programs to the end of the year with the expectation of funding well into 2003.

The Certified Home Health Aide Service provides general support to maintain, strengthen and safeguard the functioning of older and handicapped individuals and their families in their own homes during periods of illness or severe instability.

The Telephone Reassurance Program provides regular telephone calls to homebound older persons to assure their well being and safety and to provide social interaction and psychological reassurance.

The Physical Health Program provides a complete health assessment to determine overall health, or a partial assessment/screening for individual health problems, such as hypertension, diabetes, or vision and hearing deficits. It also may include treatment in such areas as podiatry or vaccinations. Screening results result in offering basic health advice and medical referrals as indicated. The Dental Health Program provides a complete oral screening. Treatment may include X-ray, cleanings, fillings, periodontal treatments, oral surgery, root canal therapy, crowns, dentures and bridges.

The Home Care Department of the Memorial Hospital of Salem County is providing the services.

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