Freeholder Sue Bestwick, Freeholder Director Dave Sparks and Freeholder Mike Facemyer discuss improvements to the Salem County Nursing Home.

New Nursing Home sign.

Entrance improvement.

Salem County Board of Chosen Freeholders
94 Market Street. Salem, N.J. 08079

CONTACT: Freeholder Susan Bestwick

October 2, 2002

MANNINGTON -- Freeholder Director Dave Sparks said today (Wednesday) that the Salem County Nursing Home is financially solvent and announced a major investment to update the 116-bed facility.

"Contrary to impetus from others to sell the nursing home, I am here today to tell you that the Salem County Nursing Home is financially stable, and it is not for sale," said Sparks. "Comfortable with its fiscal stability, an investment is warranted."

Sparks was accompanied by the Freeholder members of the Health and Social Services Committee, which oversee the Nursing Home operation: Chairwoman Susan Bestwick, Freeholder Michael Facemyer, and Freeholder Ben Simmermon.

Phase One, which will cost approximately $100,000 will begin immediately. It includes:

Redesigned entrance to the Nursing Home to ensure the safety and security of those entering the building

Newly designed circular drive at the entrance of the Nursing Home to provide visitors with a safe curb-side drop-off and pick-up point.

Updated and modernized reception and lobby area that will include various seating and entertainment areas for visitors and residents of the Nursing Home.

Expanded parking facility and updated exterior security system

New exterior signage to welcome visitors.

In Phase Two, the Nursing Home shingles will be removed from the roof and a new one installed.

Freeholder Bestwick credited Freeholder Michael Facemyer with leading an effort to methodically determine whether the Nursing Home was financially viable.

"Mike worked very hard with an outside financial consultant to analyze the very complicated health care reimbursement system," said Bestwick.

" We are proud of the Salem County Nursing Home and we are now reaping the benefits of sound financial management. The residents of Salem County deserve this investment to ensure a security for the future."

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