Salem County Board of Chosen Freeholders
94 Market Street. Salem, N.J. 08079

CONTACT: Rita Shade Simpson, Clerk of the Board/Administrator

October 31, 2002

Salem -- Freeholder Mike Facemyer today (Thursday) announced that the County will work through Meals on Wheels to distribute iodide potassium pills to about 175 Salem County residents who cannot travel to distribution points.

The pills, also referred to as KI pills, work through the thyroid to provide temporary protection from radiation poisoning.

"Partnering with Meals on Wheels is a perfect way to reach out to Salem County residents who are not able to drive to a distribution point. We hope that this will alleviate any worries they may have," said Facemyer, who serves on the Health and Social Services Committee.

He said the Health Department will train Meals on Wheels staff how to educate their clients, especially the elderly, during in-home visits. Special instructions in large print will be given to Meals on Wheels clients.

"We want to make sure Meals on Wheels recipients understand that these pills are to be stored and never used unless there would be an emergency. We want to avoid any confusion with current medications and determine whether there are any allegories that would prevent the person from using KI Pills," said Facemyer.

"We are grateful to Meals on Wheels for partnering with the County on this important project."

There are approximately 45 people on Meals on Wheels routes within the 10-mile radius zone of the Island, and about 150 people throughout the County on the remainder of the Meals on Wheels routes, said Meals on Wheels Director Sharron Schultz.

"Meals on Wheels is a perfect out-reach program to assist those in our community who may not even be aware of the KI pill distribution or have no way to travel," said Ms. Schultz.

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