Salem County Board of Chosen Freeholders
94 Market Street. Salem, N.J. 08079

CONTACT: Rita Shade Simpson,
Clerk of the Board/Administrator

April 27, 2002

Salem - Beginning May 1, security will tighten at the Salem County Court House, said Freeholder Mike Facemyer, chair of the committee overseeing the changes.

"Effective May 1, access to the Court House will be limited to the front door," said Freeholder Facemyer. "Everyone will be required to place purses, briefcases, and parcels onto an X-ray machine conveyer belt and then walk through a metal detector. Members of the public will be required to sign a security register."

Freeholder Facemyer, who chairs the Judiciary Committee, said the new security procedures are in compliance with the New Jersey Court Security Plan.

"Unfortunately, September 11 heightens our need, even in Salem County, to take precautions," said Freeholder Facemyer. "County employees, judges, those who work in connection with the Courts, and the visiting public need to feel secure as they go about their business."

County Employees have been issued new identification badges, said Facemyer. Wearing those badges, employees will be able to go through the front entrance between 8 and 8:30 a.m. without signing the security register. Members of the public can enter the Court House after 8:30.

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