Salem County Board of Chosen Freeholders
94 Market Street. Salem, N.J. 08079

CONTACT: Rita Shade Simpson,
Clerk of the Board/Administrator

September 27, 2002


SALEM – Freeholder Director Dave Sparks announced Friday the County and the Department of Environmental Protection have signed the required agreement to authorize the Department of Treasury to release $1.4 million for the County’s business park.

The $1.4 million grant is part of our financing to complete the sewer line construction at the Gateway Business Park in Oldman’s Township. The sewer line then connects to the wastewater treatment system in Carneys Point.

"We are glad to have at least this part of the original grant package allocated to us," said Sparks. "We remain disappointed that the entire $9.6 million for the regionalized sewer system was not released by the governor."

The Agreement, which was signed on Wednesday, clearly states that the $1.4 million is coming from the 2001 State Budget, and that it is being take from the original line item allocation to the County for a $9.6 million infrastructure grant, said Sparks.

"The $9.6 million for a regionalized wastewater treatment system on the western side of our County was put into last year’s state budget by Jack Collins, who was Assembly Leader at the time," said Sparks. "Jack Collins always looked out for Salem County, and we appreciate his hard work. I also want to thank Governor McGreevey for authorizing at least a part of the funds to be released."

Sparks said the funds will be released by Treasury to the County and the Pollution Control Financing Authority.

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