Contact: Rita Shade Simpson
Clerk of the Board/Administrator

Salem County Board of Chosen Freeholders
92 Market Street. Salem, N.J. 08079

State's First Lady Touts Senior Gold Card

August 9, 2001


                  It is quite an honor to host the First Lady of New Jersey here in Carneys Point  today. She brings attention to the quality of senior services offered in Salem County as she promotes the states Senior Gold prescription benefits program.

 Salem County attracts the interest of state leaders and dignitaries due to our strong commitment to helping and serving our senior citizens, who make up 14   per cent of the Countys population.

 Its part of our tradition, our rural heritage in Salem County, to treat our elders with respect. As a Freeholder, I take a keen interest in issues that make a positive difference in the daily lives of our senior citizens. I wanted to be able to give back to that segment of our community who has given so much to my generation.

 The Village Arms congregate nutrition site at the Village Arms is one of three nutrition centers in the County that is funded, in part, through the Salem County Office of Aging. The other two centers are in Salem and Norma.

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