Korean War Commemorative
Committee of Salem County
c/o Gilda T. Gill, Chairperson, 92 Market Street

Salem, New Jersey 08079
ext 8205      FAX

Recognized among fourteen of the first to be designated a Commemorative Community out of New Jersey's 566 municipalities and 21 counties.
Korean War Commemorative Community
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August 16, 1999: The Korean War Commemorative Committee of Salem County has been organized to conduct events in recognition and tribute to Salem County veterans. Several countywide events are being planned by the committee to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Korean War which commenced in June of 1950.

"It is important to recognize the individuals who served our country in this conflict. We will honor Korean War veterans, their family members, families who lost loved ones, and those currently serving in Korea," said Gilda Gill, County Clerk, who organized and chairs the committee.

The committee is composed of veteran's organizations representatives, Korean War veterans, and other community members. Application is being made to the Department of Defense for official designation as a commemorative community. The official Korean War Commemorative Flag will be displayed at appropriate locations.

Gilda Gill noted that this project will provide the residents of Salem County with an awareness and appreciation of the history of the Korean War. Special school programs will be developed to educate our students on the historical impact of the war in preserving peace and freedom.

Salem County residents who served or had family members serve in the Korean War should contact Robert Boon, Salem County Veterans Service Officer, at . For additional information on the committee, contact Gilda Gill at ext 8205.

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