Salem County Board of Chosen Freeholders

94 Market Street. Salem, N.J. 08079

November 1, 2004

Contact: Carla Kephart
County Health Educator/ Risk Communicator
(856) 935-7510 x8304

County Flu Vaccine Via Random Selection                       

Questionnaire Application (pdf format) 

The Salem County Department of Health received 710 doses of flu vaccination. "We realize that this is a limited amount of vaccine, it is less than half of what we ordered", stated Herbert Roeschke, Public Health Coordinator for the Cumberland and Salem County Health Departments. The health department is sponsoring a "high risk" adult flu clinic. Because this clinic will have a limited number of vaccine doses, only patients who are randomly selected will be able to receive the vaccination. These individuals must fall within a high risk group to receive the vaccine, residents are asked to fill out the attached questionnaire and mail it to the health department. Questionnaires can also be found in your local supermarkets, post offices and pharmacies, residents can then mail them into the health department, you can also visit us at to complete the questionnaire.

The high risk groups are:

· All children 6-23 months of age;

· Adults 65 years of age and older;

· All women who will be pregnant during the flu season;

· Anyone between the ages of 2-64 years with chronic conditions, such as chronic heart or lung conditions, including asthma, metabolic diseases (diabetes), chronic kidney disease, or weakened immune system);

· Residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities;

· Children aged 6 months – 18 years on chronic aspirin therapy;

· Health Care workers involved in direct patient care;

· And out of home caregivers and household contacts of children aged less than 6 months.

Residents who receive the flu vaccine are still asked to bring the following items:

· Proof of age

· Proof of residency

· A doctor’s note stating that they are high risk

"We realize how important it is to protect yourself and your family, but we are asking if you are a healthy individual between the ages 2-64 years to forego getting the flu shot this year", stated Roeschke. There are actions we are asking residents to do to keep themselves and their family healthy.

Such as:

· Covering your nose and mouth when coughing.

· Use tissues when you sneeze or cough.

· Wash hands often using warm water and soap. Alcohol-based gels and wipes also work well, especially after sneezing or coughing.

· If possible stay home when you are sick.

Roeschke stated, "We feel this system is the fairest, our citizens will not have to wait in line and then be disappointed that they will not receive the vaccination. It is important to give these flu shots to those who need them most. Everyone can help".

The health department also has educational material available for schools, daycares and doctors offices.

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