Resolution 86-130 (N.J.S.A. 2A:4A-91) requires the Board of Freeholders to establish the Citizens Advisory Committee for assistance in submitting a comprehensive plan for Youth Services to the Commissioner of the Department of Human Services

Meeting Schedule

Honorable Judge Timothy Farrell

Presiding Judge of Family Court X8547

Joseph Dyer Jr., Chairperson

Mike Elwell, Vice-Chairperson
County Superintendent of Schools    

Isaac Ashley Young Coordinator   


Robert Andrews, Special Services School District
Raymond Bolden, Director Human Services
John Cooksey, Law Enforcement Representative
Nate Davis, Public Defender
Glen Donelson, School to Career Program
Clare Turnbull-Nicholas, Director of Crisis Intervention
Michelle Easley, JJC Court Supervisor/Southern Region
Ina Jetter, HealthCare Commons
Sgt. Anthony Wright, NJ State Police, Woodstown
Joan Hoolahan, Superintendent of County Vo-Tech School
Curtis Hurff, Chief Probation Officer
Dan Kessler, Unit Mgr Juvenile Probation
Colleen LaRose, Workforce Development Board
Stacy Lusby, Representative of Business Community
Lt. William Madara, City of Salem Police Dept.
Margaret Vaughen Mailley, County Alcoholism/Drug Abuse
Lee Tripp, Community Representative - Boy Scouts of America
James Whitt, Community Representative-Ranch Hope for Boys
Greg Wolf, Division of Crisis Intervention
Shirley Wright, Manager of County DYFS Office
John Bergh, County Prosecutor's Office
C. David Sparks Jr, Freeholder Representative

Updated 6/27/2003

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