Resolution 74-54 under P.L. 1973 C 376, Grants powers to counties by means
and through the agency of an Industrial Pollution Control Financing Authority
to acquire, construct, reconstruct, repair, alter, improve, extend, own, lease, finance,
sell, maintain, operate & dispose of pollution control facilities within such county.

Position Name Term
Member 1 Earl Gage, Vice Chair 1/31/08
Member 2 John A. Kugler, Chair 1/31/09
Member 3 Ed Masker 1/31/10
Member 4 David A. Mulford, Sr., Secretary 1/31/06
Member 5 Irene Scarpaci 1/31/07
Freeholder Charles R. Sullivan 12/31/05
Freeholder Lee R. Ware 12/31/05
Freeholder Bruce L. Bobbitt 12/31/05
Solicitor David J. Puma No term
Broker of Record George Reese, Henry D. Young Insurance Agency  

Updated 2/18/2005

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