The Salem County Economic Development Office presented the seminar: Historic Preservation: An Economic Engine

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Economic Development Director Patricia Knobloch (left) discusses workshop agenda.
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Freeholder Sue Bestwick opens the workshop.
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Dr. James Turk (left), Director of the Salem County Historical Society and William Brookover, Historic Architect for the National Park Service, field questions on the topic, "Salem County - Are We Destination Worthy?"
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Meghan MacWilliams, Sr. Preservation Specialist from the NJ Historic Preservation Office speaks on the topic, "The Business Side of Historic Preservation."
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John Hatch, Architect, Partner from Clark Caton Hintz gives his "Business Side" view as a building owner.
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Jef Buehler, Assistant Director, Main Street NJ, speaks on the topic, "The Word on the Street - Downtown Redevelopment." He was accompanied by Margaret Westfield, Partner, Westfield Architects and Preservation Consultants and Shawnda Conser, Director, Main Street Ocean City.