41 Students Job Shadow
Active County Government for a Day

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Ground Hog Day Job Shadow students ready to meet their 23 assigned County departments.
roadpatch.jpg (2825 bytes)
Patch that road!
specialserv.jpg (14581 bytes)
Teach that computer!
home.jpg (8982 bytes)
Calculate those Nursing Home sums!
mosquito.jpg (9967 bytes)
Attack those mosquitoes where they breed!
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Extension Service promotes life-long learning.

agextention3.jpg (7032 bytes)
Extension Service displays County watershed.
Riot.jpg (10888 bytes)
Correctional Facility riot gear
Chiar2.jpg (11080 bytes)
Restrain that inmate!
Vest.jpg (15525 bytes)
Anti-suicide vest
knife.jpg (12595 bytes)
Confiscated weapons from Correctional Facility