Pennsville Wal-Mart "Adopts" Salem County Nursing Home

sullivankmart3.jpg (18959 bytes)
Pennsville Wal-Mart representative Sharon Vitrone presents Freeholder Chuck Sullivan with a check for $5,000 to purchase an electric body lift with digital scale for the Salem County Nursing Home
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Freeholder Sullivan presenting a resolution of appreciation to Wal-Mart representative Sharon Vitrone at a recent Freeholder Board meeting.
sullivankmartTV1.jpg (11055 bytes)
Presentation by Wal-Mart of large screen television, boombox, and stuffed animal to the Nursing Home.
sullivandininghall3.jpg (23292 bytes)
Announcement in the Nursing Home dining hall of Wal-Mart's generosity.
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Display in the Nursing Home lobby of items donated by Wal-Mart.
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Wal-Mart representative brings along family pet to enjoy the festivities.