Freeholder Board Reorganization Meeting
January 3, 2001

courthouse4.jpg (11206 bytes)
The Old Courthouse was filled with wellwishers.
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Freeholder Jack Kugler is sworn in.
simmermon3.jpg (9164 bytes)
Freeholder Ben Simmermon is sworn in.
cooksey7.jpg (10608 bytes)
Sheriff John Cooksey is sworn in.
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County Crier Ronald LeHew opens the meeting.
music12.jpg (12444 bytes)
Music enlivens the proceedings.
sparks1.jpg (20264 bytes)
Dave Sparks is sworn in as Freeholder Director.
bestwick8.jpg (20584 bytes)
Freeholder Sue Bestwick gives the majority report.
ware16.jpg (35148 bytes)
Freeholder Lee Ware gives the minority report.