Message from Dave Sparks
Salem County Freeholder Director

The horrific devastation caused by terrorists on September 11, 2001 leaves us shocked and grieving. It is difficult, even after 72 hours of live coverage, to fathom the extent of the personal loss and destruction.

As events unfolded on Tuesday, many of us felt an overwhelming desire to be close to family, friends, and home. Yet, it was necessary for us to remain at our jobs, even though our focus was understandably divided.

As public employees, we needed to be at work to fulfill governments fundamental responsibility to do the peoples business, to serve the public, and to help those in need. I thank Salem Countys employees for staying the course.

Sorrowful times that challenge our nation remind us that local, state, and federal government is an institution of the people, by the people, and for the people. In the face of terrorist attacks, it is critical that we repel their beliefs that our government can be shattered or immobilized.

I am very proud of each of our Salem County employees for their dedication and obligation to the spirit of our county government. I thank each of them for their work yesterday, today, and for as many tomorrows as are necessary while this national tragedy and our countrys response envelops us.