"We Shall Remember" Candlelight Vigil
Remembering the innocent victims and honoring our local heroes

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Strains of bagpipe set the somber tone.
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Union Fire Company of Salem watches over a large crowd gathered for the vigil.
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Both Salem County emergency personnel and police were honored for responding to the call of duty.
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Salem County emergency vehicles at the vigil.
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Disaster specialist Daniel Bestwick tells of his highs and lows at "Ground Zero."
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Freeholder Director Dave Sparks, from left, helps Father Joe Ganiel of Salem's St. Marys and Pastor Doug Smith of Sharptown Methodist pass out candles.
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Hundreds of residents came to remember the innocent victims and honor the local heroes.
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Members of musical performers "Zeal" with their candles.
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"Zeal" with Congressman LoBiondo.