Meals on Wheels & Day of Caring

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Freeholder Ben Simmermon (left), in his fourth year of delivering meals, and Melvin Jones load meals bound for clients.
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Ben Simmermon and "Day of Caring" assistant volunteer Melvin Jones (left), set up their first client's hot and cold meals.
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Delivering Arnedia Taylor a hot meal.

Following from a media advisory 9/12/2000:


MANNINGTON -- Twice a month Freeholder Benjamin Simmermon quietly drives Salem County back roads to deliver hot meals to 32 home bound, frail, and elderly residents. His monthly average of 95 miles traces out two routes in the areas of Norma-Pittsgrove and Salem-Quinton-Alloway. Freeholder Simmermons four years of volunteering with Meals on Wheels has honed his driving skills to clockwork precision to make sure meals are hot when delivered. Estimates for his total mileage with Meals on Wheels exceed 4500 miles, enough for one and a half trips across the US.

On Thursday, Freeholder Simmermon will take part in the annual "Day of Caring" and travel the County roads with a volunteer he hopes will join the ranks of Meals on Wheels. The "Day of Caring," sponsored by the Salem County United Way, allows service organizations such as Meals on Wheels to showcase their efforts to perspective volunteers.

Freeholder Simmermon will be accompanied by a local resident on his Salem run. His trip will start on Thursday, September 14 at 10:30 AM at the Memorial Hospital of Salem County by loading meals prepared under contract to Meals on Wheels.

"I get a good feeling helping the elderly who need assistance. And they are so grateful for the meal as well as a kind smile," said Freeholder Simmermon. "I believe it is important to give back to my community not only through public service, but through volunteering my time as well." said Freeholder Simmermon. "Salem County is a great County. I encourage people to carve out at least a couple hours from their schedule to volunteer in any way they can to help their neighbors."

For more information on Salem County Meals on Wheels and the Day of Caring contact ext. 8445